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Natural Born Blondes

by | 1st, August 2003

‘WE don’t need to remind you that today is National Blonde Day. By way of celebration the Mirror elicits a few words from imported blonde Ulrika Jonsson.

‘Am I like all the others, John?’ ‘No, darlin’, they were all natural blondes’

‘This is getting on my f***ing t*ts now,’ says Ulrika on the paper’s cover page.

Steady on, Ulrika, the paper’s not here to question you on your blonde credentials – natural or assisted? – just to ask you what you think of the court’s decision to acquit John Leslie of all charges.

‘It’s completely crazy,’ says Ulrika, having composed herself. ‘This case is nothing to do with me. I never accused anybody of anything.’

It’s true that she never named Leslie as the TV star who she claims attacked her in 1988 – that job was left to Matthew Wright on his Channel Five chat show.

But Ulrika’s name has been linked with Leslie’s ever since.

What of Leslie, the man for whom the Mail launches an ‘eight-page dossier’?

And this one is truly sexed-up, featuring a by now familiar picture of Leslie snorting a Columbian nasal decongestant and comments from the women who alleged he attacked them.

The key question is how many of the 15 women mentioned by name are blonde?

We imagine that Tina Mallinen, a Finnish student, is, as is Ann Marie Foss, another Scandinavian, and of course Ulrika.

Abby Titmuss, Leslie’s current squeeze, is also blonde, as is the Sun’s Michelle, who marks National Blonde Day by taking off her top and looking perky.

It truly is a great day. How will you celebrate?

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