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A Holiday Saga

by | 1st, August 2003

‘ROD Stewart is sailing. He’s sailing in his luxury yacht off the coast of St Tropez, France.

Michael and Catherine make everyone else feel a little seasick

The Sun is also sailing, in a fashion, having hired a pedalo to keep abreast of Rod’s craft and take a picture of his proffered naked, white backside.

Rod’s three crewmates, who make up the rest of the shot, are seen laughing as the singer drops his shorts. And who can fail to be amused by this original and hilarious prank?

Well, ship ahoy, landlubbers, because in the Mail Michael Douglas can be seen looking out to sea with face like thunder.

Behind him is his much younger wife Catherine Zeta Jones, peering over Michael’s shoulder at a large, quivering white blip on the distant horizon.

The pair then turn to face each other. The next three pictures invite a photo casebook treatment, of the type favoured by the Sun’s Dear Deirdre, with speech bubbles and captions.

But we’ll just tell you the order of events. 1) Michael and Catherine face each other. 2) Michael points a finger at Catherine’s face. 3) Michael turns away from Catherine and the pair don’t speak for ten minutes.

And then…well, they see that it’s Rod and then break out into peels of riotous laughter.

Who says Saga Holidays are no fun?

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