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When In Rome…

by | 1st, August 2003

‘THE Roman Catholic Church may sometimes appear to be little more than a global paedophile network, but it has a serious purpose as well.

‘…at the Y. M. C. A’

It stands as a sign of religious intolerance in an increasingly secular world – a Christian counterpoint to some of the radical teachings in the mosques.

And so the Pope yesterday launched a global campaign against the legalisation of gay marriages, branding such unions ‘evil’ and ‘deviant’.

‘Marriage is holy, whereas homosexual acts go against the natural moral law,’ says the Vatican pronouncement (reproduced in the Times).

And it urges Catholic and non-Catholic politicians to campaign against what it sees as ‘the deeply alarming trend in Europe and America towards giving homosexual unions legal status’.

Already, he has recruited President Bush to the cause, with the Times saying that the White House is looking to have marriage strictly defined as a union of a man and woman.

Getting Catholic priests on his side might be harder – first, he’s got to persuade them to take their hands out of the trousers of their choirboys…

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