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by | 1st, August 2003

‘AS Jane Austen so astutely observed, a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife.

And she’s got her own Playstation

However, it is a fact not so universally acknowledged that a single man not in possession of a large fortune must also be in want of a wife, preferably a rich divorcee.

And, ever eager to help, the Enquirer rounds up Hollywood’s hottest prospects and, like a game of celebrity Top Trumps, lists their assets.

For instance, if you’re just in it for the cash, then look no further than Nicole Kidman, who is worth a cool $80m – almost twice as much as second placed Sharon Stone, who gets by on just $50m.

If you’re looking for the marrying type, try Sex And The City’s Kim Cattrall, who has three under her belt. Failing that, Sharon Stone and Angelina Jolie both have two.

For age, take your pick from twentysomethings, Brandy and Angelina Jolie, to fortysomethings, Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan and Kim Cattrall.

For likelihood of success, have a crack at Nicole Kidman first, with matchmaker Harriet Shaffer rating your chances as ”good” with the high-flying actress ”ready to chuck her soaring career for love”.

However, if you don’t fancy having Nicole under your feet at home all day, then Cattrall is apparently ”on the prowl” and Jennifer Garner ”has yet to reach superstardom, which means she isn’t out of reach yet”.

Only problem is that she’s a comparative pauper with only $3m to her name – barely enough to keep you in beer and pretzels, let alone pay the cable TV subscription.

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