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John Leslie: My Story

by | 4th, August 2003

‘THERE were few less edifying sights than the tabloid press in full pursuit of John Leslie after he was named as the TV presenter alleged to have raped Ulrika Jonsson.

‘You can get off your soapbox now, John’

However, the papers’ headlong retreat in the face of the news that all charges against the 6ft 5in Scot have been dropped is arguably even less appetising.

Papers which only a few months ago were gleefully picking over every aspect of Leslie’s sex life are today calling for anonymity for rape suspects.

And the very people who set themselves up as the This Morning host’s judge, jury and executioner are now presenting themselves as his counsellor and trusted friend.

For sheer cant and hypocrisy, the British tabloid press leads the world.

This morning, the Express (which has paid £600,000 for Leslie’s ‘world exclusive’ story) listens to the Scot reveal all about what exactly did happen with Ulrika.

‘We had sex on the first date and it was great but I don’t mean to imply that this was just a fling based on jumping into bed as soon as we were together,’ he says.

‘To my mind, we had a proper relationship. We went out on dates and did things like couples do.

‘She had an attitude to sex that I had not encountered before in a woman. She certainly liked it with me and had a healthy appetite for it.

‘She seemed very liberated but at the same time she was detached and somehow disengaged.’

The other papers are quick to pick up on the story – in other words, to nick the best bits from the Express for their later editions.

So, we hear in the Sun that Leslie was in love with the former weather girl, that he is furious with her for not breaking her silence to clear his name and that the rape allegation will haunt her for the rest of her life.

We also hear that Leslie’s girlfriend Abi Titmuss is putting a brave face on reports that the former Blue Peter presenter is not planning to marry her.

‘They’ve no immediate plans to marry,’ a source says, ‘but who knows what the future will hold?’

Who knows? We do – if they do decide to get married, there will certainly be no shortage of offers from the papers for the exclusive rights…

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