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Back From Hell

by | 4th, August 2003

‘THE road to Hell may be paved with good intentions, but it is a path so well-trodden of late that it might soon need resurfacing.

‘Oh, Jack, you haven’t changed one bit’

John Leslie announced last week, after sex assault charges against him had been dropped, that he had been ‘to hell and back’.

And this morning, we can report that Kym Marsh has made a similar journey.

A week ago, Kym and husband Jack Ryder announced they were having a trial separation, but today the Star can report the happy news that they are back together.

‘We split up for a bit but we are now back together,’ Kym said. ‘Everyone’s been through hell and back [sic] and we’re trying to sort things out.

‘We love each other very much. Everything’s fine now.’

Of course, had the pair not announced they were having a trial separation in the first place, no-one would have noticed that they had split up and got back together.

Which begs the question of how long a break has to be to qualify as a separation.

If Kym decides to nip out to the corner shop for a pack of smokes next week, can we expect to hear about it?

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