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Family Planning

by | 4th, August 2003

‘IF only Jaguar made a people carrier, John Prescott would be an even happier man.

John was delighted to hear that his new family runabout did two miles to the gallon

As it is, John will doubtless soon take delivery of one of a less noble marque, equipping his already impressive fleet of vehicles with one into which all his extended family can fit.

Along with Prezza, his wife, sons Jonathan, 40, and 33-year-old David, is their new half-brother Paul Watton, a lieutenant-colonel in the Military Police.

The story that broke over the weekend still interests the Telegraph. That paper says how Pauline Prescott, John’s wife, gave Paul up for adoption 43 years ago.

Now the family is reunited: John is in the front with Pauline, and the boys are sitting in the back, fighting and doing all things Prescott men do.

The one issue yet to be resolved is who will sit shotgun when John drives. It’s thought that Jonathan and David used to take it in turns but, now with Paul, the situation is more complex.

A fresh approach to transport policy is needed. And what better man for the job than our very own Prezza, or Dad, as more and more of us are wont to call him…

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