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The Heat Is On

by | 5th, August 2003

‘FOR readers who do not live in the UK, we are pleased to report that Britain yesterday enjoyed its third day of sunshine in a row.

Feeling bot, bot, bot…

In a country where a single day of sunshine constitutes a summer, this is officially defined as a heatwave – and, with the forecast set fair, hacks have been scurrying to the record books.

Not only would another nice day tomorrow be the longest period of unbroken sunshine Britain has enjoyed since 1825, but the papers think it could even be the hottest day ever.

‘The sizzling temperatures are tipped to peak at 37.2 degrees C (99F),’ says the Express, ‘edging out the previous record of 37.1 degrees C (98.8F) set at Cheltenham on August 3 1990.’

But the hacks who weren’t diving for the record books were diving into the sea as Fleet Street headed for the coast with a mission to find sexy girls in bikinis.

And there is no shortage of women willing to flash their boobs and their (Kylie-esque) bums in the Sun or the Star – or, in the case of 22-year-old Vicky Green, of Redcar, in both.

What Fifties housewife would say about it all we don’t know, but she’d probably have to wait for her husband to come home to find out what she thought.

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