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Police, Camera, Action

by | 5th, August 2003

‘FOR TV producers, there is something utterly addictive about watching police go about their daily work.

‘Okay, let’s do that chase sequence again and this time make it look a bit more realistic’

It must be a similar thing for fans of Formula One – you watch the many dull bits hoping for the few snippets of absolute mayhem and carnage

Tonight, ITV launches Police! – a to-the-point title for a no-frills series about the law.

The opening issue shows officers in Milton Keynes on duty for an Eminem show in town. Will the music buffs respond to the singer’s tales of violence with some horror show of their own?

Later, police in Oldham oversee the final game of the season at Oldham Athletic.

Given that Oldham has been a hotbed of racial disharmony in recent times, and given the link between football and violence, viewers can expect to see a good punch-up.

And the producers must know their target audience – it’s not curtain-twitching Miss Marple wannabes they’re after, but lads and lasses who like Eminem and football.

Why else is it on at 11:00?

The message is clear: don’t bother going to the pub looking for a fight – stay in with a tin of gassy beer and watch it on telly.

If you must go out, do so between 8pm and 10pm, thereby missing Hotels From Hell, House Trapped, Package Holiday and the utterly hopeless Eustace Brothers.

Those shows are the real crimes – someone should tell the police.

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