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The Sins Of The Father

by | 5th, August 2003

‘THE old saying that the punishment should fit the crime certainly holds true for Miss Tracy Barlow.

Even Tracy looked aghast at the idea of a threesome with Bev

Having slept with Roy to win a penny bet, she’s now lost her home, her job, her family and friends – but far worse is to come.

For Tracy has just discovered that she’s carrying Roy Cropper’s child. Rumours that it will be born in an anorak cannot be confirmed before the first scan but, however it turns out, it’s not going to be pretty.

Tracy has taken refuge at Aunt Emily’s after being thrown out of everywhere else on the Street (being kicked out of bed is hardly a new occurrence for our Tracy though). ‘I’m ‘avin’ Roy’s baby,’ she revealed to a shocked Emily.

Tracy may be jumping the gun as, given her recent innings, there are several blokes who could have bowled her out: Steve, Wally and Dev are just the ones we know about.

Hayley is back this week and let’s all hope she’ll take the news like the man that she once was.

Katie is also suffering from relationship woes as dad Tommy is convinced she’s sleeping with Tyrone.

It may be understandable upon hearing that your beloved daughter is having relations with the Missing Link but smacking him in the face isn’t the best solution.

Anyway, poor Tyrone has only agreed to pretend to be Katie’s boyfriend to cover up that she’s actually sleeping with Martin. However, I doubt much sex is actually taking place as I’ll be amazed if she can keep him out of his cardigan long enough.

Martin, clearly having gone mad (owing to the current heatwave and his insistence on wearing said cardigan) wants to tell everyone about their relationship.

Even at 16, Katie had the good sense to look horrified: after witnessing several of their kissing scenes, there are some things too terrifying ever to be made public.

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