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Asian Invasion

by | 6th, August 2003

‘YOU’D think UK Customs would have enough to do processing new arrivals from the Caribbean and giving them directions to the tourist resorts at Belmarsh and Holloway.

Believed to be claiming benefit under the name Aedes Albopictus

But, as the Guardian reports, they have now also to be on the look-out for other arrivals, namely the Asian mosquito.

The paper says that a ‘nationwide search’ has been ordered at ports and, oddly, used-tyre depots for the illegal immigrant.

For anyone wanting to join the hunt, the paper shows a picture of the mosquito, which may be travelling under the name Aedes Albopictus and may have set up nest with a domestic breed.

Like all good villains, it also has black and white stripes around its middle.

But the real giveaway is that this mosquito, which likes tyres because the water that collects in them makes them the ideal place to lay its eggs, can carry the West Nile virus.

It’s believed this is done by swallowing a large condom full of the microscopic stuff, thereby evading detection.

Anyone who sees the bug should approach with extreme caution and then stamp very hard on its head…

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