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by | 6th, August 2003

‘WE have often wondered what Rachel Hunter did for a living apart from being blonde and Rod Stewart’s ex-wife.

Spot The Difference

Well, now we will have the chance to find out, as Sky One prepares to screen a documentary on the New Zealand-born, er, woman.

From the programme’s title – Rachel Hunter: Laid Bare – we deduce that Rachel is keen on taking her clothes off, a surmise that is confirmed by a photo-shoot in this week’s Hello!

But what does she do between photo shoots and appearances in glossy magazines?

Once again, Hello! supplies the answer, inadvertently let slip by Rachel’s manager Claire.

‘I don’t see why people compare the two,’ she says of Rachel and Rod’s current squeeze, Penny Lancaster.

‘They are totally different. Rachel’s an actress and Penny’s a photographer.’

And there was us thinking that they were both blondes who posed for swimwear magazines and lingerie catalogues.

But no, Rachel is, according to Hello!, a ‘successful’ model and actress – just as, we suppose, Penny is a ‘successful’ photographer.

‘She’s landed her first major TV part in the British equivalent of Sex And The City called Denial,’ it says, ‘in which she plays a socialite called Georgie alongside Danni Behr, Frances Barber and Emily Lloyd.’

And before we all start holding our noses and making turkey noises, Hello! is onto the next project – a thriller called Post Is Due, in which Rachel will star ‘reportedly opposite Faye Dunaway and Jeff Goldblum’.

All this, two kids, her charity work on behalf of gorillas and she still has time to develop her own make-up and leisurewear ranges.

It is said that Alexander The Great conquered the known world by the time he was 30, but Rachel Hunter is only three years older.

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