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Game, Lysette And Match

by | 6th, August 2003

‘POOR Lysette Anthony. Lysette who? Lysette Anthony – you know, the one who used to be Two Up, Three Down or Three Up, Two Down or whatever combination it was.

‘Do I get a place on the cover now?’

Poor Lysette Anthony – she gives Hello! an exclusive interview ‘about the bitter divorce that led to a new home and new love’ and no-one would ever know.

No-one that is who only judges a book by its cover, which of course Hello! readers would never be guilty of.

Poor Lysette’s painful tale of life on the ill-fated soap Night & Day and the break-up of her marriage to Hollywood producer David Price doesn’t even merit a mention on the magazine’s cover.

Hell, even drippy Big Brother contestant Nush Nowak gets her simpering mug on the cover of Hello! this week and she’s not so much as landed a part in The Bill.

Nush has had plenty of offers, however – ‘modelling, YV presenting and a yoga video are all in the melting pot,’ she tells us.

But she is taking her time to talk it over with her mum and people close to her to see what they think would suit her.

Given that obscurity seemed to suit her so well before Big Brother, maybe she should give that another go.

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