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Hasta La White House, Baby

by | 7th, August 2003

‘WATCHING Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, many of us believed that poor Ronnie thought he was not really in the White House at all, but merely on set.

”And my wife is played by Jane Fonda…”

His entire term of office was not an actual happening, rather an elaborate soap opera in which Ronnie played the head honcho of a large household.

To this day Ronnie is surprised that the role of Margaret Thatcher was not given to Joan Collins, and that their ‘special relationship’ failed to produce an illegitimate heir who grew up with a grudge in the backwoods of Montana.

And now America is preparing to do it all again. With Ronnie out of the picture, the Times says that the lead role could go to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

First Arnie will have to do as Ronnie did and become Governor of California – and he’s planning to do just that.

In a plot straight out of soap, current State Governor Gray Davis (John Forsythe) is facing an election after one million voters petitioned to remove him from office. (David Lean, eat your heart out.)

And last night Arnie appeared on a TV show to tell the world about his plans for a new movie: True Lies II: The Body Politic.

”I will go to Sacramento [the state capital] and clean up the house,” says Arnie, ”All the politicians are not ruling for the people but for special interests.”

But the job is not his yet. Over in the Independent, other frontrunners are thrust under the limelight.

There’s Richard Riordan, a small part actor, who has been playing Mayor of Los Angeles and waiting tables while he waits for his big break.

There’s Larry Flynt, the man behind Hustler magazine and star of The People Vs Larry Flynt.

And there’s Arianna Huffington, ”a sharp-tongued Greek-American society hostess”, who played one of the bridesmaids in the dreadful My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

It’s an open audition. And it could get more complicated if rumours are correct and Bonzo, Reagan’s old Chief of Staff, decides to read for the part…

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