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Partial Recall

by | 7th, August 2003

‘IMAGINE if the US President was a former Hollywood actor of little discernible talent who read his lines like a perfunctory robot and had a nice winter tan.

The bodybuilder politic

You need not stretch the mind too far, as anyone who saw Ronald Reagan’s performances over much of the 1980s will confirm. But what are the odds on lightning striking twice?

The new man who could one day we the King of Capitol Hill is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tonight Channel 4 profiles the life of the muscle-bound superstar in Arnold Schwarzenegger: Made In Britain.

This is a slightly odd title, given that Arnie was made in Austria by a team of genetic engineers, who incidentally also made the entertainment stars Twicky and Metal Mickey.

Further investigation reveals that Arnie did spend a period of his life in east London, which, apparently, played a big part in starting his bodybuilding career.

But a diet of mushy peas and jellied ells was never going to be enough to give him the body mass of a champion, so he left, ending up the USA, home of weight-gain food.

To see what else Arnie did, tune into the show at 9:00 tonight.

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