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Kym’s Game

by | 11th, August 2003

‘GIVEN that most celebrity marriages last only as long as it takes the couple to tell the world how in love they are, it is no surprise that celebrity separations are measured in minutes rather than days.

”She’s behind you!”

Unfortunately, magazine deadlines are not so flexible – and, for the third week in a row, OK! is caught out by Kym Marsh and Jack Ryder’s on-off relationship.

Its cover sports a picture of Kym wiping away a tear and promising to tell the truth about her ”affair” with Triple 8 singer David Wilcox.

The truth is that David is just a good friend and the tear in question was actually shed some months ago at the Talented Youngster Of The Year awards.

But that doesn’t stop OK! speculating about Kym and Jack’s future.

”Is this really the end for the golden couple?” it asks of the trial separation, unaware that the split lasted only as long as it took Jack to get back from the loo.

Next week, we expect OK! to answer its own question, declaring that the couple are back together and more in love than ever…only to find that Kym has walked out of the marital home to do the weekly shop.

The couple have blamed their marriage problems on the pressures of work, in particular Kym’s constant travelling to try to keep alive her ailing singing career.

With her first album dropping faster than Bryan McFadden’s trousers on his stag do, the good news is that it’s an excuse they are unlikely to be able to use for long.

However, we can only imagine that OK! means well when it says: ”We only hope that Kym’s marriage can have as happy an ending as her music career.”

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