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The McPaddings

by | 11th, August 2003

‘WHOEVER suggested that Westlife porker Bryan McPudding is fat should eat their words – if the podgy Irish singer hasn’t eaten them first.

From the waist down Kerry weighs less than 10lbs

Bryan’s wife Kerry Katona, who doubles up as a Hot Stars columnist, is adamant that her husband has not put on weight – he was as fat as that when she married him.

”If you met Bryan in person,” she insists, ”you’d see that he has no fat on him. He is 6ft 3in and looks gorgeous and always has done.”

Always, Kerry?

”OK, he was big when he joined Westlife at 17 or 18, but it was puppy fat and he’s lost a lot since,” she says.

”He’s the tallest in the band and looks good! I’m 5ft 3in and 9 stone and Bryan’s about 13 stone, so anyone who says he’s fat is crazy.”

Clearly, what we should be saying is that they are both fat…

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