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by | 11th, August 2003

‘TONIGHT we lean into our sleeves and whisper ”Goodbye” to Spooks. The plots are absurd and the acting is as wooden as the scenery from the Sound of Music but it is oddly addictive.

The real Dr Kelly

Tom is the hero of the piece, and tonight in the series finale he’s going it alone, James Bond style.

Only Tom is no James Bond. He is keen and has a neat way of looking utterly blank when he’s spoken to, in a manner that says he’s listening and watching or just stupid, but he has little of Bond’s charisma and sex appeal.

The week’s nonsense begins with the discovery of a dead gangster. And by way of a clever twist, he’s slumped in front of the telly on which the film The Third Man is being shown.

That’s a film about spies and such like. And Spooks is a show about spies. Do you get it? Do you see? Tom would get it and see. That’s what he’s paid to do.

And tonight he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. His interview for another series is about to begin…

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