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Finns Take The Mickey

by | 11th, August 2003

‘WINSTON Churchill certainly knew what he was talking about when he described Finland as ”superb, nay sublime”.

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Not only is the country host to such not-to-be-missed events as the Wife-Carrying World Championships and the Air Guitar World Championships, but it also gives its workers the most time off.

According to a poll, the Finns have 39 days off a year, compared with a European average of 34.

No prizes for guessing who has the fewest days off, the Brits and the Dutch sharing last place with a mere 28.

The Independent also reports that the long-suffering Brits also have the fewest public holidays in the EU with a mere eight a year.

”There have been efforts to change things,” the paper says.

”Earlier this year, a government think-tank suggested that Britain should establish regional bank holidays across the country.”

Or perhaps everyone should just move to Finland – if they can find a plane that knows its way there.

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