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Happy Hour

by | 11th, August 2003

‘SICK of a diet of liver, liver and more pickled liver, the Mirror hears that George Best’s wife Alex has lost the taste for married life and has left her man.

For those of you watching in black and white, the drink is green and Best is yellow

You’d suppose that, given Best’s liking for booze, Alex has left him in a pub or, perhaps, even a coma.

But Best is in fact lying by a pool in Malta, toasting his skin a lovely deep shade of yellow.

He does pause to tell the Mirror ”So what!” when told that his wife has left him. But it’s Alex who’s doing the talking, telling her finds about George’s waywardness.

Not only is George back on the booze, as revealed a few weeks back, but he’s back on the blondes as well, chiefly Paula Shapland, 25.

Paula is pictured with Best in the Sun, looking blonde. Meanwhile, the Express says that Shapland is saying how she and Best kissed within minutes of meeting in a pub and that he’s been in pursuit of her ever since.

”He told me he was doing book signings all round the country and offered to take me with him,” says Shapland. ”He was trying to seduce me.”

Whether or not the kiss is true and went further, the upshot is that George is no longer happily married.

He is, however, happily single – although he can be persuaded to indulge in the odd ”happy” double if someone is buying…

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