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The Face of Modern Warfare

by | 11th, August 2003

‘SINCE war is mostly fought on the TV screens, it’s high time the British military got a little more telegenic. War is ugly, but it needed not put us off our tea.

Perhaps Jackson will do something about his breath

So it is with relief that we read in the Sun that Britain’s top soldier Sir Mike Jackson has followed his pop star namesake and gone under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife.

The 59-year-old Chief of General Staff was easily recognised by his kit bags, the fleshy slabs beneath his eyes, caused by much troubles.

Now they are gone and the man who once resembled the cartoon character Droopy after a night out with George Best is now a sharp-eyed dog of war.

His aides, though, are keen to stress that Jackson’s primary objective was not to look better but to improve his eyesight.

Next week, surgeons begin work on his sense of smell…

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