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Causing A Stink

by | 12th, August 2003

‘INTELLIGENCE officials, journalists and members of the public kicking up a stink over the so-called dodgy dossier should heed the example of the common skunk.

”Well, one of us made the smell and I’ve had my anal glands removed…”

The North American mammal is of course renowned as the smelliest animal in the world, able to spray a revolting musk over several feet from glands in its bum.

But, according to the Guardian, the 100 or so Brits who keep skunks as pets have come up with an alternative to the old joke ‘How do you stop a skunk from smelling?’

Instead of holding its nose, they are asking vets to remove its anal scent glands – a process that is banned here.

Sharon Redrobe, head of veterinary services at Bristol Zoo, is also one who thinks it is unethical.

”Skunks are marvellous creatures for many reasons, one of which is their particular ability to express their anal glands and produce a characteristic odour,” she says.

”I am disappointed that members of the public would like to own such an animal, but first mutilate it to produce a more convenient pet.

”It has also come to my attention that some skunks have been presented for vaccination having already been ‘descented’ – in some cases without general anaesthesia.”

You have been warned.

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