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Nice Genes

by | 13th, August 2003

‘LUCKY old Euan Blair has clearly inherited his father’s ‘Cool’ gene.

The Potters

The Star watches Euan as he parties at the Baby Blue club in Liverpool, with his ”stained khaki trousers and shirt tails hanging out”.

What his trousers were stained with is not said. He might have put the ‘khak’ in khaki or just vomited on them.

But it’s the reason why he was dancing the night away that really captures the imagination. Our Euan was celebrating scoring a job on the set of the new Harry Potter movie.

This, of course, makes perfect sense. The story of the swot who lives for school is the natural home for any Blair.

Sadly, Euan is not the star of the show but a lowly gofer. And the Star reveals that Euan’s job involves taking orders, phone messages and running errands.

It’s a bit like his dad’s job, only the director isn’t called Alastair…

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