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Case Closed

by | 13th, August 2003

‘SUMMER is here and the curtains are twitching. Nina Simone made some beautiful music. Not that you’d hear it for the screaming sirens and din of coppers slamming car doors.

”It’s not quite The Bill though, is it?”

At least tonight we can get some semblance of plot as BBC1 calls to mind other songs of yesteryear and catches us all Watching The Detectives.

This show follows an entire criminal case from the actual crime to sentencing.

We get to see the victims, the villains, the relatives of both, the thief-takers (how coppers love to be called so) and the judiciary going about their business.

Tonight we are treated to the case of the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl. Unpleasant it truly is.

It gets worse when the face and a name are put to the case, the victim revealed as Marion Crofts of Hampshire who was attacked in 1981.

The man who carried out this revolting crime is Tony Jasinsky, now languishing in

Her Majesty’s dungeons.

Not that knowing his guilt spoils the show. This is truly the acceptable face of reality TV.

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