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Greece Uncovered

by | 14th, August 2003

‘ANYONE tuning into Club Reps tonight will not get to see exactly what the employees of Club 18-30 actually get up to while at work. For that, you will have to head out to Corfu or visit the Sunday Sport website.

Club Reps – the real story

Instead, ITV viewers tonight get to see a sanitised version of the pride of Britain drinking, puking and copulating their way round the birthplace of western civilisation.

This week, two American students get to witness for the first time the things that put the great in Great Britain as hordes of scantily clad women fall (quite literally in many cases) at their feet.

Elsewhere, Lee attempts a 150ft bungee jump and Natalie has a bit of trouble with her boyfriend, Stuart.

Coming as it does straight after Young, Posh And Loaded, this is one hour’s television that will make you want to stand to attention and belt out a verse or two of Rule Britannia. Not.

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