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by | 15th, August 2003

‘TONIGHT FIVE shows The Great Stink: The Profile of Victorian sewage engineer Joseph Bazelgette.

”Number 4 – Lily’s a bore…”

And no, since you ask, it is not fronted by Graham Norton, Gaby Roslin or Patrick Kielty. It should be, but it isn’t.

For a dose of irony on a Friday night, you must watch Will and Grace and the increasingly rare better bits of Sex And The City.

For something that you hope is ironic but fear is not, there is the new sitcom from Paul O’Grady. The Liverpudlian who dolls himself up as Lily Savage has been given his own series.

Problem is that whereas O’Grady as Savage can be funny and get away with bad jokes with bravado, O’Grady is simply a bad comic actor with an even worse script.

For added appeal, the show is based in a bingo hall. It’s called Eyes Down. We hear that in the first episode, Ray, the manager, has to work out how to control his staff.

And his cunning plan is to bore them into submission. This is another one for the Mr BazelgetteĀ…

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