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D Is For Harry

by | 15th, August 2003

‘YESTERDAY Tom Carver became Britain’s most successful A-level student when he scored seven passes.

Study geography and see the world

At the same time, as the Mirror reports, 12-year-old Jonathan Prior was boasting about his grade D is A-level information technology and Playstation studies.

Moments later a letter was delivered to Clarence House and a young ginger lad called Harry picked up his lighter and burned open the envelope.

In it, says the Sun, Harry had confirmation that he had achieved a grade B in art and grade D in geography.

Instantly bells rang out. ”He’s a genius,” said Charles, who, as the Express reminds us, managed a B in history and C in French in his A-levels. ”A regular little Einstein,” said the begonia on Charles’s desk.

He’s his mother’s son alright. But since we don’t not know what Major James Hewitt achieved in his A-levels, if indeed he took any, we had best leave any further comparisons there.

But Charles has the bragging rights, and the Express gives him his dues. ”I am very proud of Harry. He has worked hard for these examinations.”

Now his hard work can pay off as he is able to apply for a commission in the Army. Which is something his father must be truly proud of.

Prince Charles was in the Royal Navy.

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