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Power Crazy

by | 15th, August 2003

‘DARKNESS descended on New York and large parts of North America yesterday – and it wasn’t caused by the prospect of President Bush winning another term in office.

”Let’s bomb Canada!”

A massive power failure on the Niagara-Mohawk power grid cut off electricity to at least 10 million people in New York State and another 10 million in Canada.

The Canadians said a lightning strike on the US side of the border was probably to blame; the American said a transmission problem on the Canadian side was the likeliest cause.

Which only goes to show how easy it is to pass the buck between two countries who both use the dollar as currency.

The Telegraph says armies of long-suffering workers were forced to walk home from work in 90 degrees F temperatures, while thousands more were trapped on subway trains and in lifts.

If that seems only too familiar to commuters in this country, they should know that the Niagara grid was bought by the British company, National Grid, in September 2000.

Proving that there really is no need for terrorists to plant bombs to try to disrupt our normal lives when the British can easily do their job for them.

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