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by | 18th, August 2003

‘NATIONAL Enquirer readers love a good conspiracy theory.

Unlike Lady MacBeth, Marilyn preferred to keep her damned spot just above her top lip

You know the kind of thing – the moon landings actually took place in a school gym in Arkansas, JFK was really shot by a Cuban-trained squirrel and Oprah Winfrey is in fact the vanguard of an alien invasion force who want to eat us out of existence.

So when the Enquirer uncovers secret tapes of Marilyn Monroe talking to her psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson, it can mean only one thing – Marilyn was murdered.

The tapes may not actually feature the moment when President Kennedy smothered his erstwhile lover with a pillow, all the while telling her that he was doing her a kindness, but the magazine hears enough evidence to be convinced.

For instance, on the tapes (made only months before her death, apparently of a drugs overdose) Marilyn tells her shrink that she has thrown all her pills down the toilet.

”Her feelings don’t present her as a woman bent on destroying her life,” says Matthew Smith, author of Victim – The Secret Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe.

”I’m convinced they point to the true cause of her death – murder.”

The Enquirer, it seems, needs as little convincing as Mr Smith, claiming as ”persuasive evidence” that the actress had put her problems behind her and was not a suicide risk her assertion: ”Now I am a whole woman. Now I have control of myself, control of my life.”

As further evidence, it hears Marilyn talk about her plans for the future – as producer and star of several movies based on the works of William Shakespeare.

”I feel certain I’ll win an Oscar,” said our latter-day tragic heroine, ”and I owe it to you doctor that I can.”

But in what role? As tragic Ophelia or murdered Desdemona?

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