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Extra Cheese

by | 18th, August 2003

‘THE Atkins Diet may be second only to the Demi Moore diet in Hollywood, but in the rest of the United States the Cameron Diaz diet is king.

”I’m on the Vanessa Feltz diet”

Not all of the good burghers of Wyoming and Wisconsin can afford to splash out $400,000 on a new body every time they put on a few pounds.

So instead they do as Cameron does and chow down on a diet of tomato and salad, wedged into a sesame seed bun between a couple of quarter-pound burgers and some melted cheese.

Unfortunately, Cameron is, according to a top New York City nutritionist, something of a genetic freak.

”If a person’s family is thin, it’s likely the offspring will be thin,” says Dr Stanley Title, ”and if your metabolism is high, you can eat like a horse and still remain thin.

”Cameron would appear to be blessed with both factors and can remain extraordinarily thin despite gobbling food that would widen the waistline of most people in no time.”

The rest of America appears on the Jerry Springer show, instead.’

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