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The Game’s Up

by | 18th, August 2003

‘OLD quiz shows never die – they just come back with a BBC news presenter as the host.

”My name’s Clive Thomas and I’m reading the washing instructions on my wig”

And that is on why Monday nights on BBC2, we find John Humphreys taking on the Magnus Magnusson role (complete with Magnus Magnusson expressions) as the question master of Mastermind and Jeremy Paxman posing the questions on University Challenge.

Bamber Gascoigne would no doubt be turning in his old people’s home or wherever he has been stowed to discover that University Challenge has been taken over by people with even worse haircuts than the students – professionals.

It is the BBC2 equivalent of Celebrity University Challenge with tonight a group of journalists (a couple of whom may have once been allowed a brief outing on Question Time) against a group of meteorologists (none of whom, one hopes, was ever allowed to present the weather).

At least, though, they are better than the four stooges on tonight’s Mastermind, answering questions on English castles, TV comedy, British flora and fauna and Fairport Convention.

May the man or woman with the thickest glasses winÂ…

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