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Biting Back

by | 18th, August 2003

‘WE’VE consulted experts at Haywards and are assured that there is a high probability that with the addition of some herbs, spices and silverskin onions George Best could actually pickle himself for all posterity.

”I’d rather they were tankards”

With so much alcohol having already washed through his system, so long as no-one lights a match in his vicinity, George can go on forever.

But he’ll have to do so alone, since his wife Alex Best has left him. And she’s been speaking about her decision to the Mail.

The final straw came when she found a phone number in her husband’s pocket and dialled it. A woman called Paula answered and Alex smashed the phone down.

”I don’t know if he slept with the marriage-wrecking bitch,” says Alex. ”To be honest I can’t listen to any more of his lies.”

She also, as the Express says, can’t go on with his alleged violent behaviour towards her. She say that when once, while she was sleeping, George chopped off her hair. He also scrawled all over her body with a black marker pen.

Was he working out his bar bill, using her back as a handy tableau? Or just reliving his finest moments on the football field, deploying Alex’s moles and blackheads as the Benfica defence before going on a jinking run with his marker?

George isn’t saying, or hasn’t been asked, but the Express does hear him speak about his relationship with Alex. He says that he never cheated on her – and ”I’m going to prove that I’m not a liar.”

If only he could find where he put wrote down his version of events…

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