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by | 19th, August 2003

‘WHEN Jack Ryder and Kym Marsh first separated then reunited within seconds we feared the beginning of a trend known as the Celebrity Split (CS). And our fear seems to have been born out with news in the Star that Alex Best is to give husband George one last chance.

After telling us how the marriage was over and how he’d doodled on her body and lopped off her hair while she slept, Alex is allowing the former footballer to return to the marital home in two weeks.

Now turn to the story in the Mirror that Rachel Stevens has just split from fiancée Jeremy Edwards. Add to this the news that Rachel is, like La Marsh, launching a solo singing career, and you have the makings of another CS.

“We’re still talking,” says Rachel to the Mirror at 12:31 yesterday. She is “sure everything will be fine.”

At 12:34 a close friend of the singer says, “They have definitely split up. They are not together anymore.” They are an ex-showbiz couple.

And than later that day, after Rachel had had her photo taken by the press, actor Jeremy was in interview with Radio 2 DJ Steve Wright.

Wright asked if the love affair was over. “No, not really,” said Jeremy. “Yes and no.”

So there it is – the Celebrity Split is now an essential part of the PR’s armoury. But the worry must be over where such ruthless promotion will end.

Once is has been done to death will the jilted lover go the same way? “Did you mean to kill your model boyfriend,” asks the reporter of the new singing sensation. “Well, yes and no,” she replies. “But we hope to get back together in a future life…”’

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