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Give ‘Em The Chair

by | 19th, August 2003

‘IN what sounds like a stunt to promote equal opportunities, an unnamed pensioner is being hunted for dangerous driving – in his electric wheelchair.This trailblazer for grey power is not without his victims and the Express says that he’s wanted in connection with an unfortunate incident.

Elaine Whitty, 47, and her young daughter will never forget the day when while out shopping the world’s oldest joyrider ploughed his electric wheelchair into them, knocking the 17-stone mother flying and trapping the portly toddler.

According to evidence, the driver refused to help them, and sped off into the unknown.

Elaine was so disgusted by incident that she has reported the driver to the police. But the man has already covered his tracks, driving his vehicle to a patch of wasteland and torching it.

We just hope this isn’t evidence of yet another new trend, and we’ll not soon be seeing OAP lager louts vomiting in gutters and old women flashing their bums at police cars.

Let‘s stop this madness before it’s too late. And when we catch his felon give him an electric chair that’ll really keep him in check…’

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