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by | 20th, August 2003

‘THE great thing about being a rock star is that you can live out many of your fantasies – like watching Kate Moss dressed in nothing more than a black bikini gyrating round a pole.

Weapons of Moss distraction

Well, that’s actually a fantasy we can all live out, courtesy of the new video for American cult rock duo The White Stripes’ latest single.

And the Mirror has the stills to support its claim that it is “one of the sexiest pop videos ever made”, suggesting that it is erotic that it may be banned from Top Of The Pops.

The bad thing about being a pop star is that you may have to hang around with the likes of Lee Ryan, the weasel-faced singer with boyband Blue.

Certainly, passengers waiting for a British Airways flight to Prague on Monday were left hanging around as the boy-rodent ignored final boarding calls and caused an 11-minute delay.

But instead of being apologetic, the Sun says he told the woman at the gate to “f*** off” when she ticked him off.

“The girl looked shaken up, but he didn’t seem to care,” a Heathrow worker told the Sun. “He just laughed at her and went on swearing.

“He was extremely abusive to her and other staff.”

Reason enough for the rat-like singer to earn the accolade “the plonker of pop” from the Sun.’

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