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by | 20th, August 2003

‘TINA Barrett was apparently known as The Plank by her fellow S-Club members on account of her not being overendowed in the brain department.

Tina swore it would be the last time she dressed herself

We can therefore assume that her stalker Steven Hindley, described as “lonely” by the Express, was not after Tina for her brains.

But whatever it was, he bombarded her with sexy e-mails and showered her with roses and chocolates for nine months, during which time he never got a reply from the singer.

That is when the 41-year-old son of a retired GP turned nasty, threatening to shoot her and her fellow band members dead on stage.

In one e-mail, he claimed to have found out her home address and threatened to visit her and hack her to death.

The Express says Hindley was sentenced to six months in jail yesterday for a separate offence of downloading indecent pictures of children from the Internet, with no separate penalty for the harassment.

However, the chairman of the bench did suggest that, if he was still intent on hacking a popstar to death when he got out, he might like to turn his attentions to a certain rat-like singer in Blue…’

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