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The Only Show In Town

by | 20th, August 2003

‘THE big show in town has all the people talking. “Angry,” says Ruth Hutchinson, who queued all night in London’s West End to see Hutton Inquiry: Attack Iraq.

Big draw

Daniel Franklin describes the production as “exciting” and Delphine Durrant says Alastair Campbell is “as sexy as it gets” – or maybe “as sexed-up as it gets”.

Those desperate to gain entry to the public and press galleries for the blockbuster at the Royal Courts Of Justice were prepared to wait far longer than the advertised 45 minutes.

“We have never seen anything like this before,” says David Turner, a security guard. Behind him a stall selling official Hutton merchandise – Saddam Hussein lunch boxes and David Kelly beard and glasses masks – was doing brisk trade.

By 8am more than 200 fans were in line. By 9:30am every seat as taken.

And for those of you not lucky enough to get inside here are a few excerpts of what you missed, courtesy of the Guardian.

Cue opening credits and a picture of brown children gambolling over Babylon’s new Axis of Evil Gardens & Adventure Playground.

“I had no input, output, influence upon it [the so-called dodgy dossier] whatever at any stage in the process,” says Alastair Campbell. “I said the drier the better. Cut the rhetoric.”

As it was, Campbell remained, in the words of the Times’ critic, “calm under fire” – like Rambo, but without the muscles and the weapons of mass destruction.

Stay tuned for more pre-emptive action tomorrow…’

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