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Gunning For Us

by | 21st, August 2003

‘WE all know how criminals often change their identities to try to escape their past, but few do it as quickly – or as publicly – as Jemma Gunning.

Free the Faliraki two!

Yesterday, we told you how a Gemma-Anne Gunning was sentenced to a year in a Greek jail for flashing her boobs after winning a “Eurovision Thong Contest” in a Faliraki bar.

Well, this morning we come across a defiant Jemma Gunning telling the Express that she does not regret what she did for a moment.

“I still don’t think I’ve done anything wrong,” she says. “I don’t feel ashamed of what I’ve done – not in the slightest.”

However, that is not the view of the Express, which dubs the 18-year-old the “strip girl who shamed Britain”.

We can only assume this is a comment on the assets that Jemma was flaunting around the Bedrock bar rather than the offence itself because its sister paper, the Star, takes a far more lenient view.

“If flashing your bum and boobs in public is a criminal offence,” writes columnist Dawn Neesom, “then the likes of Jordan and Jodie would have been hung, drawn and quartered months ago.

“And the world would be a far more boring place.”

The Star catches up with Jemma-Anne (another of her aliases) in jail before step-dad Simon Brake arrived to pay the £2,100 needed to buy her out.

She had been crying, it says, and she was “dressed in the same clothes she was wearing when she was arrested”.

Which given the nature of her offence was presumably nothing but a g-string.’

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