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The Common Touch

by | 21st, August 2003

‘PRINCE Harry is a toff. His grandmother’s Queen, he plays polo and he’s as thick as pigshit – all essential ingredients of the toff’s make-up.

A damned nice looking filly

But he’s a toff with the common touch, according to the Sun, which devotes a full page this morning to the startling news that Harry occasionally deigns to converse with mere commoners.

In fact, he has struck up “an amazing friendship” with Katie Vidler, a part-time barmaid at his favourite pub.

“A pint of London Pride please, love” and “Make mine a double” are just some of the phrases that Harry has uttered to the “stunning” 18-year-old.

And one pal tells the Sun: “Katie and Prince Harry were from completely different social classes, but seemed to hit it off.

“It shows Harry takes people for who they are and not what they have.”

Tomorrow, the time that Prince William passed the time of day with a lowly shop girl.’

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