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by | 21st, August 2003

‘TELEVISION loves confrontation and the Channel 4 series Masters and Servants gives it to us in spades.

‘Your wife’s head, sir’

This is not adult-orientated broadcasting of the type that used to earn a red triangle, but a show in the mould of the channel’s Wife Swap.

The premise is simple. Horribly simple. Two families adopt the positions of family above stairs and family below stairs. After an agreed period, the roles are reversed.

This is one of the nastiest shows on TV. The enjoyment can be added to by guessing and even betting at home on which character will cry first or hit another.

We have it on good advice that Susan does break down in tears. She’s married to builder Richard and studying psychology part-time.

This will keep us all laughing at the unfortunates on TV – and give the distraught Susan something to write her college thesis on.’

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