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A Low-Key Affair

by | 21st, August 2003

‘WHEN Ulrika Jonsson first announced details of her wedding to dating show reject Lance Gerrard-Wright, she assured us all that it would be a low-key affair.

‘I’ll give you a fiver for a job lot’

“I should imagine it will be small – and it won’t be featuring in Hello! or OK!, that’s for sure,” she said. “I don’t think that is what I am about now.’

So, what will she make of the cover of this week’s Hello!, which features the happy couple posing for the cameras and promises “full wedding coverage with exclusive photographs”?

Surely Hello! has not been up to its old tricks again, gatecrashing the intimate ceremony in the three-acre garden of Ulrika’s Swedish home.

It certainly seems to know quite a few details about the ceremony, including the fact that one of the hymns contained the phrase, “forgive our foolish ways”.

Why it feels the need to point that out in relation to Ulrika we don’t know, nor why it puts such store by the fact that she opted not to “obey” her husband.

What we do know is that one guest had never seen the bride looking so happy.

“Everyone’s got a wonderful feeling here today and it’s all been much better than we ever could have imagined,” the unidentified guest said.

We also know that Ulrika looked “stunning” in a £5,000 gown, Lance looked a right jerk in a blue morning suit with vivid pink lining and the best man was called Rufus.

“For me this marriage is the ultimate commitment,” says Ulrika (who has, of course, had one go at it before).

It also gave Ulrika the chance to have another hen night, which was “a suitably riotous affair as she hit the bars of Stockholm with a vengeance”.

“Led blindfolded by her friends,” Hello! explains, “she sold kisses for £1, according to an old Swedish custom.”

It is not known how she fared, but the Swedes would be in their rights to object to paying for what has been given away to almost every man in England for free.’

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