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Unwanted Gest

by | 21st, August 2003

‘LIZA Minnelli knows more than most about weddings – she has been down the aisle (and back up it again in a hurry) on four occasions now.

Two wise heads

And she is happy to share her thoughts on the latest man to call himself her husband, David Gest, to whom she was married for just over a year.

And to whom she still is married.

“I am married, she says, “to a brilliant, vital, crazy producer.

“He’s great at what he does and I love him very much, but for the time being we are separated because it’s…too intense.”

“We’re both very wise people,” Liza continues, “who care about each other so much. But right now, we need a little breathing space.”

All of which translates as: “My husband’s a fruitcake with a Michael Jackson obsession and I can’t even be in the same state as him.”’

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