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by | 22nd, August 2003

‘WHAT Michelle’s thoughts are about Bank Holiday traffic we don’t know, but we do know that the country is about to grind to a halt as holidaymakers head for the coast.

Last year we stayed in a Renault Megan

How? The Mail and the Express both say so, reporting the news that large chunks of the rail network are to be closed for repairs this weekend.

“Work on three of the busiest main lines will have a knock-on effect on the roads, adding to the headaches of some seven million drivers who are expected to be heading for festivals, sporting events and the tourist hotspots,” says the Mail.

The Express says travel organisations have warned people to prepare for “widespread gridlock”.

“With their usual genius for causing maximum disruption at the worst possible time, Britain’s train bosses have decided it is the ideal weekend for engineering work,” it says. “Delays and cancellations are the least we can expect.

“But in these days of no accountability for anything, the following can be guaranteed: when you have spent much of the weekend stuck in a train or a car and emerge wretched, furious and exhausted…absolutely no-one will ultimately shoulder the blame.”

Happy holiday, everyone!’

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