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Damn Spot

by | 24th, August 2003

‘JENNIFER Aniston has a spot.

Thank you. This award for Acne Scar of The Year means so much to me

Not a spot on a talk show or a late night confessional about women who are really men, but a spot as in a pimple, a blemish, an imperfection.

The Enquirer says that Jen is stressed out. What with the worry over her marriage, her career and her new $13.5million mansion, she’s a wreck.

A fact evidenced in her spot, which the Enquirer helpfully circles in red ink for us.

Says a friend: “In a few days she had developed a scab – and when she picked at that, her face became a disaster area.”

So Jen hotfooted it down to her Beverley Hills skin doctor, the same one husband Brad Pitt went to earlier this year.

Spooky coincidence? Perhaps, but it could be a sign that something’s spreading down Hollywood way. And it’s not just the lap dancers…’

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