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The Notting Hill Mob

by | 26th, August 2003

‘AMONG the many modules in such topics as Heavy Sarcasm and Looking Out of Car Window (Levels I and II), Hendon police college offers a course in Carnival.

PC Johns was taken over by the music

The Government hopes to make this a full A-level very soon, and by way of a prelude, the Express follows police student Dougie Cole as he goes into the field for some course work.

And where else can he have gone than the Notting Hill Carnival?

Having painted his whistle a regulation red, green and gold, the copper’s first job is to locate a cheeky young black imp.

Thus clutching Susan Currie, 2, to his stab-proof vest, PC Cole lets her remove his hard hat and place it upon her own head.

In the Carnival glossary this is known as a Fit Up or Trying It On.

The aim is to “place the black character at ease and make the law enforcement officer a member of the community”. While the troops in Iraq wear soft berets to bond with the locals, the cops of West London go topless.

The Sun shows the picture of the Fit Up in action and also has a shot of dancer Edemar Santos, clad in golden bikini and fishnet tights ready to bump ‘n’ grind.

And so on to part two of the outing. No pictures are delivered to our breakfast tables but you can imagine a ruddy-cheeked cop dancing for his career.

Perhaps as a result, the Express hears Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner, the vocationally-named Andy Trotter, say that in addition to the 117 arrests made by his men, there had been a number of “scuffles”.

Or ‘dances’ as the Carnival course book calls them.’

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