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Getting Legless

by | 26th, August 2003

‘YOU would suppose that with so many black limbs about, one could be found to replace Ingrid Nicholls’ missing foot.

My other one’s got bells on

But the Mirror learned that foot transplants are the stuff of science fiction and that when Nicholls went to hospital for a new appendage she was offered a white one made of plastic.

Clearly this was not good enough. To quote Eric Morecambe, you could most definitely see the join.

What’s more, when Nicholls complained she was told that there was no NHS funding for black limbs in the Royal Berkshire region and if she wanted one it would set her back £3,000.

The Mirror was soon on the case. And is happy to say that the situation has now been resolved. Now, thanks to a second amputation, Nicholls has the matching feet she craved.

But hang on. How the wonders of prosthetics can fool even our keen eye. That is a black foot, much like the other one. It’s a pair.’

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