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by | 26th, August 2003

‘HERE’S a good one for you. A neighbour approaches Mr Smith and says: “Say, Smith, are you using your lawnmower this afternoon?” “Yes I am,” replies Smith warily. “Oh, well, can I borrow it when you are done then?”

Killed by comedy

Good, eh? No? You didn’t think it was funny? Ah, that’s because we’ve put on the wrong ending. It should read: “Fine, you won’t be wanting your golf clubs, I’ll just borrow them.”

What’s that? You didn’t find that funny either? How old are you? Ah, well, that explains it. You’re losing your sense of humour and turning into a miserable old git.

At least, that’s the conclusion of Canadian researchers. They gave people the above gag, and asked them to choose from several possible endings. Old people had trouble picking the right one.

The participants were also given signs such as “Please have a fit upstairs” (from a tailor’s shop), and “Guests are invited to take advantage of the barmaid” (from an hotel).

In this exercise, oldies were as good as youngsters at spotting the humorous potential. Whether they found them funny or not is not revealed in the Guardian’s report.

Overall, old people found things less funny. Maybe this is because, after a lifetime of Christmas crackers, newspaper cartoons and hilarious office signs, they have simply had too much of a good thing.

Or maybe they have just lost the will to live.’

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