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by | 26th, August 2003

‘CHANNEL FIVE has a problem.

The Beeb is still flogging a dead horse

Unlike the BBC, with its two main channels and two sister digital channels, and ITV with its relationship with Channel 4 and it’s own ITV2, it stands alone.

It has developed links with Sky – the tentacles of Rupert Murdoch’s empire stretching into the mainstream from out there in satellite space – but it is for the large part its own man.

The problem is that like any individual it has a range of tastes.

So tonight in among the imported American crime shows – CSI: Miami; CSI: Crime Scene Investigations; The Shield – there sits The Story of Art Deco.

Now we are not going to tell you that this is required viewing – just that it is on before Jennifer Lopez: The Story and after the news.

All we know is that this week the show comes back to Britain. Which suggest it’s been away, travelling the world like some 1930 David Dickinson, oohing an ahhing at antiques.

Meanwhile Channel 4 has repeats and some repeats of repeats; ITV has Carole Vorderman; BBC2 has a show about restoring decrepit church halls and monasteries – perhaps turning them into theme pubs – and BBC1 has Only Fools And Horses.

FIVE might not stick to the point, but it at least strives for originality. What of the rest? If Murdoch does take over, FIVE might be the best broadcaster out there.’

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