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Waiting For The Clamp Down

by | 27th, August 2003

‘YOU have got to love the police. It says so on their truncheons.

Police unveil new plan to curb illegal parking

And now another reason to adore the men, women and even boys in blue has arrived in today’s Sun.

While out apprehending real villains and, in this instance, looking for a missing person, two cops parked their regulation Ford Fusion on a patch of tarmac in Portsmouth.

The officers left the vehicle and went sleuthing. When they returned they were horrified to see that their vehicle had been clamped.

Barry McQuile of Aquarius Securities (to remember in our prayers) says that the car was only clamped when it became clear that the police were not on business at the firm.

So the clampers struck, and in doing so provided the Sun with a lovely shot of the cops forking our £90 to the official clamper.

Once more the police have given us joy and laughter on a drab morning.

What they will give Aquarius Securities is another thing. Most likely another visit – this time an official one…’

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