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by | 28th, August 2003

‘WHILE the news remains as thin as a former Spice Girl on the Atkins Diet, the papers are shuffling their celebrity pack of cards and coming up with something less than trumps.

Jamie and some of his many pals

Today’s first card on the table is Jamie Oliver, otherwise known as the Joker, the fifteen of clubs or that plonker with too much tongue.

And Jamie has heard the criticism and, talking to the Express, says how he’s hurting – bad.

Jamie believes that those Sainsbury’s adverts in which he goes shopping with his ‘gran’ and breaks herb and mango bread with his made-for-TV mates have ruined his image.

“Sainsbury’s adverts, everyone going on about however much I’m supposed to be earning and thinking, ‘Little shit,’” says Jamie.

Say what you like about him but he’s picked up on the national mood.

But things have changed, chiefly because Jamie returned to our screens in the show Jamie’s Kitchen, where the tongue-some one took 15 unemployed youngsters – or mates, as Jamie calls them – and turned them into top-flight chefs.

And the Sun has caught up with them, all 14 of them. What happened to old whatshisname, the one with the slack jaw and the potato-picker’s fingernails is not known – but isn’t that meaty terrine a treat.’

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